Five for Friday


1. Last night we went from eating at the buffet at the local casino, to JR buying tickets so we could see John Legend instead. As much as you will usually find me in bed by 9 on a weekday, it was nice to get out of the routine a bit. And, I don’t think I have ever been that excited watching someone else win money!

2. Noah has his first dentist appointment today. We are hoping we get a better reaction out of him than that of getting his haircut or going to his pediatrician. 

3. Lots of commitments this weekend, but mostly I am looking forward to seeing both my guys dressed up for a wedding this Sunday. Also the stencil came in, so hopefully the accent wall can at least start this weekend.

4. Telling my boss he should take the day off and him agreeing means a nice quiet end to a very productive workweek. 

5. Every time you ask Noah for a kiss, he usually just turns his cheek so you can kiss him. This last week he has learn to actually kiss you, and it melts my heart every single time. 

Noah’s Wednesday Happies

I love getting pictures of Noah when I am at work, in fact I am known to request pictures when my phone is a little too quiet. And while I still struggle with the fact that I spend so much of weekday away from Noah, the pictures are a reminder of how blessed we are to have our family watch him.  

This week is even more special because Uncle JR is in town and Auntie TJ is still on summer vacation. Here is a glimpse of Wednesday happies in Noahland. And shout out to JR and TJ for being so awesome!

Monday Check In

Obsessing Over: Noah’s new water table. This boy just wants to be in the water or playing with water at all times! With our 104 degree weather who can blame him! This table is literally an hour or more distraction for this boy. Great Wolf is going to build here in California (there is one by my brother-in-law in Texas and it is amazing). It will make the perfect vacation for my little fish and it doesn’t include a

Working On: Piles of paperwork that has made its way to my desk between Friday and today. The height of this pile is really sad. 

Thinking About: A way to cover up my horrendous bites! I bought a short dress for a wedding I am attending on Sunday, and all I notice are these ugly marks up the back of my legs. 

Anticipating: I ordered a wall stencil on amazon last night, and I am going to attempt to do a faux wallpaper accent wall in our dining room. I watch way too much HGTV, and do not do nearly enough home projects. My cousin wants to shoot part of a movie at my house, so there is my motivation to get things done. 

Listening To: The sound of quiet, because I am alone for the majority of this week here at work. 

Drinking: Strawberry Lemonade water.

Wishing: It is probably too soon to wish for Friday,

It has been pretty quiet on here since we left for vacation a couple of weeks ago. Coming back from vacation to Noah getting sick and so much to do, it has really kept us busy. Taking things one day at a time, but I am really looking forward to the quiet that August will hopefully bring us!

P.S. I am way overdue on posting some of the great memories we made in Hawaii. :)

P.P.S I am way overdue on a Noah life update. This boy is going to be 20 months come next week..just 4 months away from 2!